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Good Luck Million, often stylised G. L. Million, is a 21-year-old artist originally from Finland, recently based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and currently in between cities in The Netherlands.


As an author, he interprets his anecdotal, yet insightful texts with a poetic narrative that articulates his speculative and melodramatic ideas with clarity. Every line is thought-through as if the story depended on it.


The self-produced multi-instrumentalist has created a modern soundscape where distorted bass-heavy drops and rap verses combine with lively glitching synth textures and graceful pop hooks for a complementary contrast. With stylistic traits from electronic and hiphop, he devices popular music by experimental means.


Inspired by nostalgia towards the popular culture of the early 2000s, yet remaining completely futuristic with his innovative approach, his vision transcends music and openly welcomes like-minded Millions to join the Montage – The world's biggest group of friends.


With the energy of a teenager, he plans to bring his exaggerated take on art, this Absolutely Inclusive, Creatively Interartistic Social Experiment / Experience, to every party, under- or overground, you know.


This is what the whole, true, iridescent experience of adolescent adulthood can sound like. You are the first ones to hear about it.


Good luck,

Million Montage

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